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Mission Statement

The Long Beach Japanese Cultural Center has served as the primary facility in the Long Beach Harbor area in furthering an understanding and appreciation of the Japanese culture and the Japanese American experience through its offerings of cultural and visual arts instruction, as well as Japanese language classes, events and activities for the benefit of citizens of all ages, ethnicities and religious affiliations.

Long Beach Japanese Cultural Center
Long Beach Japanese Cultural Center LBJCC

Our Mission is:

  • To enhance the lives of citizens of the Long Beach/ South Bay area through accessible, quality instruction in the various Japanese culture, visual, language and martial arts.

  • To serve as a cultural resource of the civic and community events, thus adding the to the already rich cultural diversity of the area.

  • To preserve and further the timeless cultural traditions which are our legacy by generations past.

  • To collect, document and establish an archive library of historical artifacts, data, visual images and an oral history of the Japanese American experience in the Long Beach and surrounding areas to serve as a unique educational resource.

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